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About Us

We’re Energy Smart Engineering, Inc. Your go-to HVAC company in Fresno, CA. Our company was founded to fill a critical niche that was missing in the heating and cooling industry. We call this missing niche: Holistic Energy Conservation.

In our company, all of our team members are friendly and have a positive attitude. Our skilled, friendly technicians are kind to people because they enjoy what they do and take satisfaction in helping others. For us, it’s essential that technicians genuinely like talking with our clients since we care about building relationships with our customers. Trust that all of our technicians follow our company’s mission.


We strive to provide our customers with the best service available in a professional manner. As such, we offer the least expensive ultimate comfort solutions that will meet their needs -utilizing the best guarantee in the field-. In addition, we aim to raise the standards and set an example for all HVAC companies in our community.

We’re all about conserving energy, from installing an efficient air conditioner to electric water heaters that use less energy than others. Moreover, we offer the most affordable solar power generating systems.

We save energy, and you save money!

We offer free installation estimates! Call us or send us an email today!

Our Full Range of Services


Get the right temperature for your property regardless of the weather outside.

HVAC Installation

Forget about high electricity bills and let renewable energy power your house.

Solar Installation

Keep your property comfortable and repair recurrent HVAC issues.

HVAC Repair

Upgrade to an alternative HVAC system that meets your property’s needs!

Alternative Heating and Cooling System

Enjoy a safe and healthy space at an affordable price!

Indoor Air Quality & Microbiotic Mitigation

Keep your property cool with our custom-built outdoor solutions!

Outdoor Comfort
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