Hybrid Filter

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Hybrid filter contains two layers of conductive foil. These layers are coiled on a core and separated from each other by an insulation material. The layers are usually made of aluminium or copper.

Air pollution is a serious concern these days and needs effective steps to rectify the problem. Quality of inside air is important for the health of your family members and office staff. At Energy Smart, we are providing smart solutions for hybrid filter installation, maintenance and restoration work at a competitive price.

Air filtration with help of hybrid filter is a smart way to keep inside air pure and fresh as much as possible. With our efficient and new-age hybrid filter solution, you can effectively improve the inside air quality of your residence and/or commercial buildings.

Advantages of Hybrid Air Filtration

Impure air causes several health problems. It may cause suffocation and leave you prone to allergies and other health hazards. Regular air filtration is a must for your health. There are multiple options to filter out harmful air particles. Hybrid filtration is an effective measure to improve and maintain inside air quality of the residential and commercial houses.

Hybrid air filtration outsmarts other options. It is a low-cost option but highly effective for air purification. The system needs proper installation. Excellent design is also a crucial part of the equation. Energy Smart suggests the perfect design as per your requirements and also promises great installation service. Furthermore, repairing and regular maintenance are also guaranteed, from our end.

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You can always approach us to get a free estimate on hybrid filtration. We don’t have any “one-fits-all” suggestion for our clients. Instead, we do a meticulous inspection of your home and/or office before suggesting what could serve your purpose in the best possible way.

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