HVAC Maintenance Tune-Ups – Scams or a Good Investment?

HVAC Maintenance Tune-Ups – Scams or a Good Investment?

Have you ever wondered if HVAC maintenance tune-ups are just a scam? Are they really a good investment? Do you actually need them?

These are valid questions. You don’t want to throw away your hard-earned money. You also don’t want to shorten the life of one of a building’s major systems and have the larger investment of replacing it before you have to.

So it would seem that HVAC maintenance tune-ups would be a good investment.

Perhaps. But not all HVAC tune-ups are equal.

Let’s use your car as an example
You probably change the oil as recommended for your particular engine and the specific oil you put in it. This is considered a basic requirement of car ownership, and most people faithfully do this task … either themselves or get it done at a neighborhood shop or even the dealership.

When you take your car in for an oil change, does your technician just change the oil? Not if he’s any good.

He also inspects other critical components like your air filters, brakes, tires, radiator, etc. He does a comprehensive check to make sure your vehicle is running at top performance and will advise you if there are other issues you need to take care of.

Now, some car maintenance techs have gotten a bad reputation of advising extra services you may not actually need, so you probably stick with someone you know and trust to give you honest answers.

The same is true with HVAC maintenance tune-ups.

Bare Minimum vs Comprehensive HVAC Maintenance

The bare minimum of HVAC maintenance is changing the air filters. You probably do this yourself. (You DO change your air filters regularly, don’t you? Learn more by reading Change Your Air Filters and Increase Your HVAC Efficiency.) This is generally something offered with a tune-up as well.

Most HVAC tune-ups also will include cleaning the condenser coil and inspecting the fan blade.

A more comprehensive tune-up (like those performed by our Energy Smart expert technicians) also will include:

  • Testing the thermostat for proper calibration
  • Measuring supply and return temperature differential
  • Inspecting the electrical wiring and tightening any loose connections
  • Flushing the condensate drain
  • Monitoring operating pressures of the refrigerant
  • Inspecting and testing capacitors, contactors, compressor, and blower motor
  • Lubricating bearings
  • Inspecting safety devices for proper operation

Like with your car maintenance, sometimes everything is working properly and you’re on your way again with just a basic oil change. But sometimes, your technician finds an issue that needs to be addressed.

Fixing these issues before they get out of hand and become larger problems is smart … both in your car and in your HVAC.

Inflated Extra Services vs Honest Answers

Honest and ethical car service technicians will give you straight answers and information so that you can make an informed decision about a course of action with any issues they find.

For example, they’ll tell you when your brake pads are wearing thin or when your tire treads are showing wear. They’ll tell you whether it’s critical to fix the issue now, or if you can wait. And if waiting is an option, a good technician will give you an estimate as to how long it’s safe to wait..

Good HVAC maintenance technicians are no different.

Like you, we prefer preventive maintenance measures to costly repairs. This is why we always conduct comprehensive checks on your HVAC system and give you a full picture of its performance.

Uncompromising quality has always been the mainstay of our service here at Energy Smart, and it has earned us a loyal community of customers over the years. An assurance of superlative quality of HVAC service has made Energy Smart the most trusted name in the industry.

It’s what makes our HVAC maintenance tune-ups a good investment in keeping your work and living spaces safe and comfortable.

Contact us today to learn more and get started.

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