Heat Pumps

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If your home does not have an access to natural gas, heat pump serves as an excellent heating solution to keep it warm in the cold season. Heat pump can also be used for warming outdoor space and swimming pools. If you are in search of the most efficient, cost-effective and custom-built heat pump, Energy Smart is the right place to be at.

Heat pump is designed to transfer heat from one place to another. These pumps extract heat from one place and export the same to another site where heating is required. The process is reversed if you require just the opposite for your residence and/or office.

Advantages of Heating Pumps

It is a smart and better alternative to air conditioning system. Cooling, heating and dehumidifying – heat pumps have all these qualities. These pumps offer same functions as air cons but in winter season when heat is required. They operate in such a way that your home feels warm in the winter season.

Heat pumps can be of different types depending on the source of their energy supply. They can feed on electric power and function efficiently in combination with your gas-powered or oil-fueled furnace. Such combination is often called a “hybrid heating solution”. Such hybrid system is an excellent cost-effective option for your heating needs.

Why You Should Ask Energy Smart Technicians For Heating Service

With many around to offer heating service, it is not easy to stand tall in the industry. A company needs to take care of high quality in order to extend its reach among potential customers. Energy Smart is known for its result-oriented, custom-built, energy-efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive heating service.

We have qualified technicians with hands-on experience of several years. They are familiar with the latest kinds of heating technologies to ensure optimized solution to you. We also promise on-time service, to you without compromising with superior workmanship.