An Energy Smart HVAC Technicians Most Important Qualification Is NOT Technical

An Energy Smart HVAC Technicians Most Important Qualification Is NOT Technical

HVAC technicians are trained to install, repair, service, and replace heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. An Energy Smart HVAC technician, however, is so much more.

You won’t find our technicians’ most important qualification listed on their resume. It isn’t a certificate hanging on the wall or a training program they’ve completed.

While technical skill and knowledge are certainly important, we demand more … because you deserve more

HVAC Knowledge Isn’t Enough

HVAC techs gain their knowledge and skill by completing courses at a trade school or college or through an apprenticeship program. Sometimes by doing both.

Some get advanced certifications. Some specialize in specific services.

Regardless of their formal education, they all gain practical knowledge and experience from every system they inspect, service, and repair.

Good techs know HVAC up and down, forwards and backwards.

Of course, our technicians are qualified to do the actual HVAC work that our customers hire us to do. They can inspect and trouble-shoot, perform preventive maintenance, diagnose and make repairs.

However, at Energy Smart, we don’t think that’s enough.

We don’t care how much they know …
… until we know how much they care.

Customer Relationships Come First

You can be the most qualified HVAC technician we’ve ever seen, but if you don’t have a great attitude and sincerely care about the customers you’ll meet, you’ll never be hired at Energy Smart.

Our customer relationships are that important to us.

Our goal is to provide such great service that every customer becomes a loyal customer for life. As a customer, you deserve that kind of service, and you get it from our Energy Smart HVAC technicians.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what a few customers have had to say…

“Randy (my) Energy Smart service technician is an outstanding and patient individual who takes pride in his work and is very knowledgeable of his trade as an AC Service Technician. (He) answered all my questions in a professional manner. He is an asset to his company Energy Smart, and it was a great experience and a pleasure to have this technician come to my home and repair the problems I was having with my AC. Thank you Randy, wishing you all the best.” -Bob Anderson.

“I called Energy Smart after I had been played by 3 different so called big contractors a friend of mine recommended them to me … and a guy name Sar showed up wearing a shoe cover (I was very impressed by that) and got inside the attic and (voilà) my AC is fixed. Finally. Everyone else (was) trying to sell me a new unit. The guy was very nice and polite … knowledgeable. I really can’t be more satisfied. I highly recommend them.” -Reda Abouhussein.

“Excellent service and great staff. Very pleased with the new HVAC system they installed.” -Bruce Maxfield.

If you’re interested, you can see more reviews here.

The Energy Smart Mission

Our written mission statement is “To provide our customers and clients, with the best service available, in a professional manner. To offer them the least expensive ultimate comfort solutions that will meet their needs, while utilizing the best guarantee in the HVAC industry. And finally, to raise the standards, and set the example for all heating and air conditioning companies in our community.”

To fulfill this mission, we regard POSITIVE ATTITUDE to be the most important qualification our HVAC technicians have.

We insist that they have the technical skill, knowledge, and ability to take care of your HVAC system … AND that they have courtesy, respect, and character to take care of you, the person, our customer.

Our technicians aren’t just willing to help, they sincerely want to help solve your HVAC problems. They take pride and satisfaction in a job well done. They’re happiest when they’ve made you happy.

It is our honor to serve you and your HVAC needs. And to do so with staff who pass our unique, customer-centered HVAC technician qualification standards.

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