Get Top Of The Line Service and Great Savings

Mostly the homeowners would like to keep their cooling and heating systems operated and maintained at its top performance. But come on, we have so much going on with our busy lives that it slips our mind to schedule it.

Down the long term road it could lead to a problem because the unit gets dirty and wears down which will result to a unit breaking down which also will cost a lot more to fix and operate. Also you would have to replace the unit a lot sooner than you think.

With our Smarty Pants Rewards Program, it will be a handy solution for an automatic process to schedule 2 tune-ups a year for you. Just like clockwork. With the 2 tune-ups in the year it will be one for your heating systems and one for your cooling system. That way your systems are clean and will operate at maximum efficiency.

And thats not all, there are other awesome benefits when you are a Smarty Pants Member:

Extended Warranties, Discounts and much more!

With our rewards programs you will get many advantages given to you. discounts on our services, guaranteed response times, also extended warranties. its like being a VIP at Energy Smart.

We offer this program to you because its a win-win situation. We can get your tune-up schedules at times that are non-peak which will help us run our business and that way you get the regular maintenance that you need.

Don’t stress about HVAC system maintenance, let us worry about it for you can get the job done so your system is running at its peak performance. Call us and sign up for our program today!

Details about Smarty Pants Program

with your Smarty Pants Rewards Membership, you’ll get a thorough 20 Point Furnace Precision Tune-Up and Cleaning. At NO COST!

 26 Point AC Professional Cleaning and Tune-Up  of your air conditioning system. Oh and at NO COST!

An attic analysis to inspect your insulation levels, ductwork and inspect all systems for any kind of leaks.

When requested, we will make sure we guarantee 24-hour repair response time. If we are unable to accommodate your request and repair(s) is needed during at the time of request, NO WORRIES! We got you covered with a repair up to $500.

If your request for us to replace your AC or furnace, we can get it done within 24hrs with a permit being pulled.

We know that your time is important to you, we will make sure to give you a 2 hour window for our arrival and to get your system fixed within that timeframe.

If you happen to move elsewhere. Let us know! We can transfer our service to your new home.

The fee will only be $20! Huge savings!

You get 25% on all repair costs!!

You will get 10% off on our Indoor Air quality products!

the original warranty on any Energy Smart repair(s) performed today or while a Smarty Pants Rewards member is extended for so long as you remain an uninterrupted Smarty Pants Member Rewards Member.

As long as you remain an uninterrupted SMARTY Pants-Rewards Member, 100% of your Annual fees may be applied towards the cost of an 1. Energy Smart complete system replacement, 2. A complete system with ductwork, insulation or radiant barrier replacement, or 3. A partial system with ductwork, insulation or radiant barrier replacement.

Click below to download the Smarty Pants Program rewards application