Our Story

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Mission Statement

To provide our customers and clients, with the best service available, in a professional manner. 

To offer them the least expensive ultimate comfort solutions that will meet their needs; while utilizing the best guarantee in the HVAC industry. 

And finally, to raise the standards, and set the example for all heating and air conditioning companies in our community.

About Energy Smart

Energy Smart was founded to fill a critical niche, which we believe to be missing from the heating and air conditioning marketplace. We call this ‘missing niche’, ‘Holistic Energy Conservation’.`

Holistic Energy Conservation means making sure our customers know that cycling their Air Conditioner ON and OFF each day when they leave and return, DOES NOT automatically SAVE ENERGY. Why? Because the objects inside our homes must first be cooled, or heated, before the space, itself is significantly affected, and you begin to feel comfort. Think about it.

Conserving energy is what we’re about. From installing the world’s most efficient air conditioner, to electric water heaters that that use less energy than most gas units, or providing THE most affordable solar power generating systems. WE SAVE ENERGY, You SAVE MONEY.

Core Values

You Can Trust Us

We have team members that are drug free, background checked, well-paid, good benefits, uniform, trained, courteous, floor covers, shoe covers, clean and prepared. We have ABSOLUTE RESPECT for our customers, their family and their belongings.​

You Choose!

Customer chooses what is best for them including, products, service options and price options.

On Time!

On time…Every time We don’t have you sitting and waiting all day for a promised appointment. We guarantee to be to your home in the time window indicated and with a text message or a phone call from our technicians, letting you know he is on his way.